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How to get Best WordPress Themes ? Free or Premium

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Today we will talk about how to Get best WordPress Themes and it works First of all, what is WordPress themes?. WordPress themes provide all the features of your WordPress website like fonts, designs and whole style of the WordPress site.

There are features of themes:-

  • Font style.
  • Stylish structure of WordPress website
  • Stylish blog post
  • Slider
  • Widgets
  • Plugins
  • Much more additional features according to your need.

How to get best WordPress themes

There are a lot’s of themes for your Website which is Free and Premium like your WordPress plugins, you can choose any theme from WordPress Themes Directory. Let’s start how to install WordPress theme:-

How to install WordPress themes??

Open your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance go to Theme it will land you on themes page there is will show a lot of themes you can check all theme for there. If you know the particular theme by name for your site then click on Add New and click on Search button enter your theme name which you have decided. It will show your WordPress theme and Click Active and Install it. Check your Website your WordPress they have been activated. Now start customizing your theme.

Hope your guys understand the whole concept if any query you comment below. Please comment if you like my article.

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