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12 Minutes Affiliate Review: Is It Scam or Real ???

12 minutes Affiliate, recently started creating a buzz on the internet;  with its crazy deals of 60 days or money-back guarantee, if you don’t make any profit out of it. It also professes about making huge amounts of profit and a great deal of money.  Which, more or less, makes people suspicious if it’s a legit product or thing.

        But,  are the profits and reviews on the internet and website legit?? Is it a scam or real?? Are people earning thousands of dollars or is it just a marketing technique filled with fake reviews promises ??. It is an affiliate marketing system formulated to help you in the most user-friendly way possible.  It’s designed to help you promote several commodities and earn cash online. Some videos and blogs sometimes describe the benefits and sometimes they describe the scam-like behaviour of the 12-minute affiliate program.

What is the 12 Minutes Affiliate?

 After COVID-19, numerous workers have started working online. The advantage of online working is you are a commander of your own time;  there is no duration restriction as you can function according to your satisfaction and conserve a lot of time on the way.

Many programs can help you make money online, and people have benefited from this program. There are some programs where people have to sign up for the program and start making money.

The program people are using most is the 12 Minute Affiliate System. It is a Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Program, which is quite convenient.  Affiliate marketing is a marketing agreement by which an online retailer pays money to an external website for traffic or sales produced from its referrals.

       12 Minutes Affiliate is a company created by  Devon James, a generally known name in the internet and network marketing circles, he sometimes comes to live events of Clickfunnel. He is a moderator, Hip Hop dancer, blog writer, and speaker. Devon launched his first program in the year 2001, this proposal is the latest affiliate marketing course that is benefiting thousands of people to get started making sedentary earnings from home. It is an American company but the products are sold worldwide. Most of the promises are Pizza Slice like organic, easy email traffic, Earn money while sleeping and 60-day money-back, 14-day trails etc.

The Product

The company offers a readymade plugin software that acts as an affiliate marketing training program with a step by step tutor program. This program gives the user money online, without owning a website or a YouTube and just via email. Which is mostly a basic need for someone who wants to try affiliate marketing and earn money.

      It also gives readymade landing pages and a list of emails and Done-For-You Emails, which are readymade emails for the respective niches to which you can send your newsletters and stuff. Even though the product provides a step by step listed guide, and a pronounced or well-circulated three steps, to earn easy money it still needs a bit of knowledge in affiliate marketing to ever get it even started in the first place.

       The other thing about the product is the pricing. The trial run cost only 9.95 $  for 14 days, later the prices increased to 47$ for one month which is quite pricey when the home page is included that costs about 397$. The gold membership of the program cost about 97$ a month and $ 797 yearly.  The product has a lot of facilities that are already made or readymade, easily available features at a cost. I think it’s supposedly targeting an audience who are not very fluent in technology and have a very huge investment.

Is it profitable as it proclaims?

 It is pricey to start with, but if a person generates about 120 $, almost 140$  is given to the program,  which is not a profit, likewise.

     As a product, it does its job but we all know there are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs that create email listings and give other ready-made services.

Is it worth it? The Pros and Cons of the program

    The product is legit and it does the work but at a very heavy cost of 97$ per month plus other extra charges.  It does need a big amount of investment to be a part of the program. It is linked with Clickbank which is a trusted site is linked with ClickBank, which is well known and trust platform.

It contains various payment plans.

There is an automatic system through which you can easily make money by replying to emails.

The easy setup process, which one can easily do in 12 minutes.

There is an extra commission for the popular niches. Will, assist you in creating emails and list quickly. An excellent platform for earning money for beginners even helps promote your product around social media and other platforms. There are various groups on Facebook for people who use the 12-minute affiliate program and customer support services etc.

It isn’t worth the hype because first of all there are many programs on the web,  there are free videos all over YouTube on how to do affiliate marketing, and free courses. The web also gives out a lot of funnels and organic email listings for half the price of this whole program. They are not trying to sell a training program plus tools but ‘the convenience’ of getting everything in one place, in your hands at a price.

       Landing pages and ready-made things are all very bland, not very special cause it is a copy-paste business. At its core Affiliate marketing is promoting products that you have no problem sharing and recommending to your audience in your blog or YouTube.        

       This program will not make your business stand out but rather become one in the millions that use the same thing and pay the same price, have the same landing pages etc. It can be described as a mild MLM scam where your email may be sent to others as a form of pizza traffic, and you are continuously asked to pay for products or services which are free on the internet but here and there. It is oversold as one of the easy money ways.

The YouTuber video below talks about the honest review of the 12-minute affiliate program:-

Conclusion: Honestly, it’s better to understand yourself and try out the real legit affiliate marketing by learning about it from available resources on the web.

    The step by step guide is not as simple as they profess, and it is way better to fail and learn from mistakes. The pizza slice-like organic listing is more or less than the customers in the list of the company.

Affiliate marketing is always an easy way to gain money while sleeping. Especially, during the epidemic when everyone is working or trying to work online.

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