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FCommerce Review & OTOs, Worthful Or Not, Explore Here in 2022

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What is f-Commerce?

f-Commerce is a new Cloud-based AI-powered system that helps e-commerce stores create an AI store inside Facebook Messenger. The AI suite interacts with the users, grabs their data, and prepares a list to send emails, SMSs through SMS gateway & a lot more.

f-commerce is committed to leveraging Facebook elements to increase sales. Mark Zuckerberg took a long time to realize that the billions of monthly active users of his website can monetize by inviting people and businesses to use their medium to sell products.

f-Commerce analysts typically differentiate between transactions on Facebook Pages and transactions that occur through the Facebook Open Graph, a tool that combines third-party websites and social media sites. Some businesses are setting up Facebook stores that generate sales from active users, while others are looking for more sophisticated advertising that directs online users to other places of sale.

f-Commerce companies are growing rapidly. It’s part of an online business that is expected to soon reach billions of dollars a year. f-Commerce brings a whole new and unique shopping experience to Facebook users. Something you can share with your friends.

How f-Commerce works?

You can use f-Commerce to create a profitable eCommerce store on Facebook

Here are the steps:

  1. Setup an eCommerce store on Facebook & connect it to Facebook Messenger.
  2. Choose your niche. Sell products of your interest and deliver high-quality products so your eCommerce business grows effortlessly.
  3. Use f-Commerce, make your Facebook Messenger bot to start auto-driving traffic to your eCommerce store on Facebook, and start generating profits.

Let’s learn more about f-Commerce

f-Commerce stands for Facebook Commerce,  a term used in the online business world that focuses on the design and development of content and showcases sites for the social networking site, Facebook. Simply put, it means selling goods and services on

Although the term “social commerce” is somewhat identical, it encompasses all types of e-commerce that occur on social networks, that is, Facebook and other social networking websites on the Internet.

More than three-quarters of all online information today comes from individuals, and much of it is on social networking sites, so finding a way to do business in this environment has become a big deal.

f-Commerce features:

  1. Create your e-commerce store inside Facebook Messenger easily
  2. Connect your store or create one and run your business inside f-Commerce
  3. Collect payments from all parts of the world
  4. AI helps you build a list of clients
  5. Automated messages for clients who contact you
  6. Manage all the data from your stores right inside your dashboard
  7. Comment bot makes automatic comments on Facebook and Instagram
  8. Social sharing feature to help you expand your business

Who is f-Commerce made for?

  1. Affiliate Marketers
  2. Business owners
  3. Online Business Owners
  4. Video creators
  5. Influencers
  6. Digital marketers
  7. Freelancers & more

Tips for Effective f-commerce

Why f-Commerce?


1. fCommerce UNLIMITED ($97-$197)

2. fCommerce PRO ($67)

3. fCommerce Business ($197)

4. fCommerce Edition ($37)


  1. Good for beginners
  2. Great conversion rate
  3. Hosting & Domain included no need to pay extra
  4. Proper detailed training
  5. Zapier Integrations
  6. A commercial license will be provided
  7. 14-day money-back guarantee


There are no downsides when it comes to this product.

Final thoughts

Opening a store on your Facebook page is like opening a store in an area where potential shoppers are more likely to visit each day and are constantly reminded of new offers and special products. f-commerce allows you to offer your customers a store. This creates a shopping experience you won’t find anywhere else. You can reward your customers with discounts, group purchases, and fan promotions. The more people like your f-Commerce page, the more your company can know about its customers, i.e. demographics and interests. This helps sellers to target their market audience more precisely.

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