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5 Reasons For Choosing A2 Hosting for Web Hosting

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A2 Hosting has been around for a few years now and has become one of the most widely known web host. A2 Hosting started out as a company that was created from a blog about A2 Hosting back in 2009. The company’s first blog post talked about their first impressions of how fast & reliable their hosting was. Within a few months, the company grew steadily and this helped people find out about the company because of their positive customer service. Since then A2 Hosting has grown to offer more hosting packages as well as domain name hosting as well as VPS services as well as Dedicated Server hosting.

Why A2 Hosting?

Web page host provider is pretty much like the godfather of your page, it’s responsible for reaching out your content to the perfect person at the perfect time. Having great content or providing opportunities with an average web host provider is like an empty tank BMW, you have it but can’t make the best of it.

For understanding A2 we should have a basic idea of what web hosting stands for. Now if you are planning for your own blog page or a startup then the matter of web hosting comes in. Confusing? Ok let us explain it to you in clear words in a nutshell – it simply buys a spot for your page or website online that can be accessed by World Wide Web. There are many web host providers like – WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, etc, that promote your work to the internet world in a protected way.

As we have a coin size basic idea of Web hosting, let’s move on to the main topic ‘WHY A2?’ – A2 web hosting service provider offers you incredible high speed along with amazing user-friendly features. But what makes it different from others? Is it expensive? Is it reliable? – these are pretty much obvious questions to be asked. Well, you will find the all answers by own as you reach the end of the article. To be very honest there is nothing perfect in this world, everything comes with pros and cons so A2 has its own as well. But we will clear why one should look pros over cons.

Few Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting:-

Pros of A2:-

They achieved an average of 99.98 % uptime successfully over last year.

Cons of A2 Hosting:-

A2 Hosting Pricing Summary

A2 Hosting offers 5 different types of web hosting services.

After all these points should we recommend it??

Yes, we do.

It offering the best speed constantly for many years now. Its features are understandable by both experts and beginners. They constantly working on it to keep it updated and error free. Their uptime is pretty good. If you will get runtime issue , you can call for a refund on prorate balance of unused time.

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